Our “Not Cow’s Milk” Journey

I just ordered the book “Devil in the Milk” and can’t wait for it to get here! Many people think I am luny for being so excited to get a new book…but taking casein (cow’s milk protein) out of my daughter Leah’s diet was such a drastic change for her and our family that we will NEVER go back to consuming cow’s milk products.

Leah was born 17 months after our Ella Grace on Dec 26th, 2003. She was a calm baby initially and solely breast fed. We had already read on the harmful effects of cow’s milk for children and adults and never drank cow’s milk and ate little cheese at home. But…we were still eating a lot of casein (the protein in cow’s milk).

By the time Leah was 6 months old she began to eat more table foods…and her entire disposition changed. She went from our calm baby to a colicky baby. She was inconsolable many a day or night. I could not calm her. As a pediatric sensory trained OT I knew what to do to help her calm, I was an “EXPERT” in calming children with deep touch massage, linear swinging or rocking, and creating a calming environment…so I questioned myself…what could possibly be causing her to be so upset that even a Mother’s Touch could not calm her?

By age two I had accepted the idea that Leah had Autism. She didn’t make eye contact, she rarely laughed, she couldn’t stand to be hugged, she wiped away our kisses like they were toxic, she tantrumed over the smallest of things, she covered her ears to noises, and was fearful of social situations. I had tried every sensory calming tool in the box, and nothing seemed to help.

Then I realized that many of my clients had seen drastic results from a casein free diet…so why not try that before getting her labeled “Autistic”?

2 weeks after taking casein out of her diet COMPLETELY…she was becoming a different child. Less tantrums, more eye contact, and NO Eczema!
1 month after casein free she was accepting our hugs and kisses.
2 months later she was a different child…an angel…and blossoming into the beautiful little girl that we had longed for.
Now, I could do calming input, massage, brushing protocol, swinging input, and all the sensory treatments she needed to get her neurological system back in line…and healed.
We also started supplement therapies to heal her gut…Cod Liver Oil, DHA, Probiotics (milk free chewables at Good Shepard), and Magnesium. Her stools became normal by 2 months…going 2 times a day normal consistency.
No more allergies, sinus issues, no ear infections, and no eczema…and an angel child.
I thank God every day for the journey we went through and the wounds that it created…because he could HEAL those wounds with the knowledge and wisdom to be a CASEIN FREE FAMILY and now I can spread the word to so many others to help them.
6 years later…I am now doing inservices about once a month on casein free and healthy family eating and how food affects our brains, and we are what we eat…and I don’t want to be a cow! 🙂 ha!

To learn more check out the FB page:  Casein Free in Middle Tennessee

Every day I meet people who have been educated on the harmfull effects of cow’s milk and casein and they have seen drastic results in their child, themselves, and their lives are changed by this simple change.

My beautiful Leah Faith
If you have a story to tell…or questions on how to go casein free…please share on this page. I truly believe God called us to experience this with our precious Leah so that we could help others. Let us help you!