Gluten (Wheat)-Casein (Dairy)- Soy- preservative free shopping guide.


This is a small list of things that all my kids eat, we eat for snacks, and simple substitutes for cheeses or butter…obvious meal choices like fresh fruit, veggies, meats, etc are not listed because they are easy to find GFCFSF…These are ALL GLUTEN, CASEIN, and SOY FREE and LOCAL snack foods or breakfast foods:



Snapea Crisps Plain (baked snapeas) are a great snack for kids and were the first finger food for my kiddos!  They hanging in the produce section at Krogers. 1.99 You can buy 12 bags for $17 on grocery if you can wait and stock up.

Organic apples and fresh fruit and veggies best at Krogers. 

Organic/Health section:  Almond, Rice, and Coconut Milks (choc or vanilla taste best on cereals or drinking.  Plain for baking) Coconut Milk is the healthiest choice. 

Coconut Milk CREAMER for coffee and  use the plain cream for baking with creams. 

Earth Balance butters are dairy & soy free and taste better.  Walmart has cheaper.

Coconut Milk yogurts usually on sale one time a month for .99 bottom right of yogurt area.

Frozen gluten free waffles and French toast sticks in freezer in organic section.

Frozen gluten free breads here as well if you must have breads, learning to eat just lunch meat with GF crackers is healthier option though. 

Coconut Milk ice creams are the yummiest, but expensive.  Use as special treat. 

Nut  & Rice crackers across from here and gluten free dairy free snacks. 

Canned soups also in this section are healthiest.  Some kids will eat veggies if in a soup base and soft rather than alone. 

Knudsen’s Mega Greens Juice- very healthy way to get in greens in a sweet juice.  I hide natural calm liquid vitamin in this for our son.  They go on sale for 2 for 5 usually. 

Rice cereals on next aisle.  Rice Bars, Oat cereals, etc.  Watch for sales.  Watch ingredients, often have hidden wheat or casein. 

Rice Works Chips (plain salted are GFCFSF) cheaper at Walmart if you are going there though. 

KIND Bars  are awesome!  Oatmeal cookies…lots of snacks in this section! 

Veggie STIX (bottom of shelf and they run out often…kids LOVE THEM) check for wheat…some have wheat.  Look for veggie chips without wheat. 

Terra Chips (watch labels on flavors…all I had at home to check was the plain, but I think several are GFCFSF) Plain Root chips GREAT FOR YOU and YUMMY! also at walmart cheaper!

Orville Red. naturals simply salted microwave popcorn (the best microwave popcorn I have ever had!)

Organic Blues Corn Chips and salsa…yummy snack! Garden of Eatin’ chips are very yummy too. 

Fruit sorbets by Private Selection in the regular freezer ice cream section (we love them all but really like the black cherry)  Great alternative to ice cream!

Nitrate free Sausage patties are in the long freezers in the very back wall. 






Vanilla Rice Milk and Plain Rice Milk for cooking or Plain almond milk for cooking (none of us like to drink the plain flavors but keep some in the pantry for cooking or baking) in the dry section and cold section in back of store near special chip & snack section near the bathrooms. 

We like the chocolate milks for drinking and vanilla for baking…rarely use the plain. 

Terra and Rice Chips at the end of the chip aisle on the end closer to the cold section. 

Rice CRACKERS  in brown box on very bottom of shelf below rice chips.

Orvilles Naturals Salted Popcorn

Lots of flavored almonds and nuts in this section sweetened with STEVIA and chocolate almonds are one of our favs! 

Canned Evaporated Goat Milk to subtitute for any Sweetened Condensed Milks, or condensed milks for baking. 

Coconut Milk in a can cheapest here for Thai cooking or sauces or as a thickener in soups or sauces. 

Coconut Milk Water in the Spanish food section is a great nutritional drink.

Goat milk based carmels  2 different flavors in the Hispanic food section top shelf.

Earth Balance Butters cheapest at Walmart…with other butters near eggs.

Nitrate, MSG, and gluten free Hormel Naturals lunch meats and salami! Brown cardboard and red writing boxes…ham, turkey, salami choices! 

Nitrate free natural hot dogs, Angus meat

Nitrate free BACON

Gluten free rice pastas at Walmart in gluten free section are great, watch directions you cook differently than reg noodles! 

Frozen fruits for making smoothies with coconut milk in place of milkshakes, you can make them really thick for a homemade ice cream too!  



Cheapest “log” of goat cheese in Cookeville, we go through about 4 logs a month…we eat it like cream cheese on crackers, dollop in chili for subbing sour cream, make cheesecakes, use as riccotta cheese, etc.  About $6 for 1lb! 

Peccorino Romano Argintoni Brand Triangle and Shredded Cheese for anything Italian or to mix with bread crumbs for breading…it is Sheep’s Milk not cow…make sure you get the one that is Sheep not Cow’s, it is clearly labeled.  This tastes like parmesan cheese. 

They also carry 2 block cheeses that can be used as sliced cheese that tastes like mozzarella cheese or a white chedder.  In the speciality cheeses…they are made from sheep, goat, and other animal milks that don’t have the hard to digest casein protein. They are getting new cheeses without dairy often, check labels and ask! 

Fruit gummies- on the back wall when in a pinch for needing a sweet snack on the go they have all natural fruit juice gummies in pouches that don’t have artificial colors added.

Gluten Free crackers in a large box comes with 2 bags of great crunchy crackers!

Eggs with added Omega 3 in 24 box cheapest at Sam’s

Organic Carrots, spinach (hide it in your smoothies, juicing, & lasagna) cheapest at Sam’s

Blueberries, grapes, blackberries, etc cheapest at Sam’s 


Good Shepard Health Foods- great for a face to face advice on supplements and special diet options. Healthy foods, local honey, etc. They can also hook you up with local farmers & raw milks.  If you want a natural solution for a problem…start here! 

All experts agree with the following taken daily:  Probiotics (milk free raspberry chewables at Good Shepard are great for kids), Cod Liver Oil, DHA fish oil based, & multivitamin with magnesium & Vitamin D for most children and adults!  Our American diet just doesn’t have what we need for our brain, body, emotions, behaviors, etc. 



I love to shop LOCAL as often as possible…but when you can find it for half the price then sometimes our budget calls for online shopping. 

Kid Calm multivitamin liquid by Natural Vitality only $20 and has all the multivitamins, minerals, DHA, probiotics, D3, and naturally calming magnesium for all kids needs.  This is very essential as a basic multivitamin for ANY child. 

We put it in orange or green juice or with fresh made juice daily.

Enviro-Kids rice bars several flavors, Snapea Crisps, oatmeal cookies in small bags, and organic lolli-pops!  Put in gluten free on Amazon and explore your options.  Delivered to your door, no tax, free shipping over $25 order! 

Lots of gummy vitamins too.


 Where to eat:  Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, hamburgers with no bread, grilled chicken…etc all offer gluten & casein free options.  32 degrees Yogurt has milk free yogurt options and Only 8 brand which are gluten & casein free!  You can buy quarts to take home too!  Baskin Robbins always carries at least one dairy free ice cream.  Smoothie King for smoothies.  The Turn Around restaurant off the square is excellent for juicing, smoothies, salads, soups, and all around healthy eating with many gfcfsf options.

What to do about PIZZA!  We make rice crust at home and make at home.  If taken with probiotics we can eat on occasion the Take and Bake De Lite pizzas and just ask them to make it without cheese.  We put our own Sam’s cheeses on at home when we bake it.  We try to limit the amount of gluten to one time weekly…and take our probiotics with it! 

More info:

Center of Development

Facebook pages:  Center of Development,  Casein Free in Middle TN

Word Press Blog:  Pediatric Therapist, Heidi Clopton, OTR/L

Email:  I lecture nationally on special diets, supplements, whole foods, and how this effects development.  If you are interested in my lecture notes I can email them to you!  Just let me know!

Changing your diet and your child’s diet will have the GREATEST effect on attention, behavior, development, and their BRAIN!  Research shows that diet changes has the greatest effect over medications & therapies!

Make the change, we are here to help!


Clopton home typical meals weekly example menus:


Breakfast- nitrate free sausage or bacon, eggs, boiled eggs, fruit smoothies, protein shakes made with coconut milks, fruits cut up in small pieces for kids, fruit salad fresh made, oatmeal, oatmeal muffins (healthy oatmeal cookies made with gluten free rice or nut flour and honey instead of sugar in ingredients baked in cupcake liners for easy grab and go breakfast), rice cereals, granola cereals with oats, cereal with coconut milks, gluten free waffle or pancakes, rice bars, apples and goat carmel, gluten free bread and all natural jellies.


I try to pre-bake oatmeal squares and gluten free snacks that are easy to eat in the mornings and pack in lunches on the weekend enough for the whole week. 


Lunches- nitrate free lunch meat with raw carrots and chips, nitrate free hot dogs with snapea crisps, soft goat cheese on rice or almond crackers, chips & salsa and we pack a lot of the snacks into their lunches.  When home we may make hamburgers we just don’t eat the bread, we just cut up the hamburger meat and eat like steak.  Canned soups when home also are great. 


Dinners-  we eat baked chicken many different ways with veggie as a side and rice.  Cooking veggies to a softer texture makes them easier to eat for most texture sensitive kiddos.  Using a lot of the Earth Balance butter and salt helps too!


Potato crusted fish with veggie side or sweet potato fries. 


Whole chicken from Sam’s with baked carrots (add a little honey to the carrots to make them sweeter) and broccoli casserole made with goat cheese and sheep parmesan cheese shredded on top.


Chicken soup- I take the left over chicken carcass and boil it up to make a chicken soup broth and add a can of chicken from Sam’s, carrots, tiny pieces of broccoli cut up, and celery in the chicken soup.  You can add the rice pasta macaroni noodles from Walmart also for a noodle soup.


Lasagna made with rice noodles from Walmart and goat cheese in place of the ricotta with sautéed spinach in the goat cheese, layer with a little of the sheep parmesan on each layer then shred the parmesan on top really thick!  Spaghetti or macaroni rice noodles (Walmart) with the organic tomato sauce from Sam’s.   You can bake this with the shredded sheep cheese on top too for a pizza bake.


Mac and cheese- use rice mac noodles from walmart, melt earth balance butter and goat cheese together in the microwave and pour on the noodles when done!  Sometimes we like to add some sautéed fresh spinach to this as well. 


Veggie soups and beef broth soups with soft veggies…basically you can take any recipe and make a substation with a gfcfsf idea!